Alternately poignant, tearful and laugh-out-loud funny, “One Last Thing…” walks an odd line between drama and airy feel-fine comedy, but it seems sure of every move thanks to a pitch perfect script by Barry Stringfellow.

Rex Reed, New York Observer

Moving, funny, startlingly original. One of the year’s first great surprises and clearly one of its best films.

Jim Svejda, KCBS / KNX RADIO

“One Last Thing…” isn’t a wish-fulfilling fantasy; it’s a story that rings true and moves us, but without easy sentiment.

Houston Chronicle

Propelled by Michael Angarano’s funny, nuanced performance and Barry Stringfellow’s virtuoso script, “One Last Thing…” is an irresistible mix of pathos, adolescent anarchy and occasionally raunchy laughs.

John Anderson, New York Newsday

One Last Thing …” does make audiences feel that life a is mysterious, wonderful and grand, but it does so by never saying it and by staying grounded in the earthy, messy ways in which people live.

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

…a sweet, funny, insightful, and entirely lovable tale.


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